Affiliates Terms

 This Agreement regulates the relationship between the Forepreneur Consult Ltd (Forepreneur Affiliate Network) and the affiliates of the network (Affiliates). This is the main document for cooperation between the Parties.

Affiliate — a person or an authorized representative of a legal entity, acting in accordance with the UK legislation and accepting the terms of this Agreement.

By accepting the Agreement, the Affiliate agrees with all the terms. It’s consent Affiliate confirms by the signing in the online affiliate program. Forepreneur reserves the right to amend the Agreement without prior notice of Affiliates.

Affiliate is committed to regularly get acquainted with the latest version of the Agreement. The Affiliate has the right to suspend its participation in Forepreneur and ask for additional explanations, if he disagree with the individual paragraphs of the Agreement

Agreement Terms

Forepreneur — a resource (hereinafter Website), where Affiliates and the Forepreneur are carrying out the cooperation. Interaction on any questions of participation and other issues is held via email

Affiliate — a person or legal person (as well as the authorized representative of a legal person), regardless of the place of residence, registration, etc., who attract customers/users on the internet for Forepreneur.

Account — Affiliate’s section, who is participating in Forepreneur, which provides its management and personal account in Forepreneur.


Reward — regular payment of the Affiliate. The payment amount is calculated based on the performance and current tariffs of Forepreneur.


  1. The procedure of registration in Forepreneur

Affiliates must complete a registration form, in order to sign into Forepreneur. Affiliate accepts the terms of this Agreement, confirms the correctness of the provided personal or business information, and agrees with all clauses of this contract, by registering at the Website.

After registration in Forepreneur, the Affiliate receives a personal login (login) and password (password) to access your personal account. Affiliates may use a Personal account to select promotional offers and work with them, view statistics, edit their personal information.

Affiliate is solely responsible for the confidentiality of login and password and for all activities that occur in its Dashboard with authorization username and password.

Forepreneur provides promotional materials to assist the Affiliate in attracting customers/members. Affiliate cannot modify the provided promotional materials, without the approval of Forepreneur. All coordination on changing promotional materials are made in written form via the Ticket section at the Account.

Affiliates cannot use misleading and inconsistent information about the services of Forepreneur. Any information not contained on the Website should be agreed upon before using via the Ticket section at the Account.

  1. Forepreneur and the procedure for its use

Forepreneur is provided on the basis of this Treaty for registered affiliates in it.

According to the schemes of cooperation offered by Forepreneur on Website Affiliates provide services through Forepreneur for the successful achievement of the objectives (referred client, view the information, registration, service usage, purchase of goods, etc..)

Forepreneur reserves the right to impose restrictions on the use of Forepreneur, to change the rules and procedure of the services with prior notice to Affiliates.

Forepreneur is not responsible for any technical malfunctions site of Forepreneur, caused by the fault of the third parties or force majeure.

Forepreneur is not responsible for any technical malfunction or other problems that have arisen in the advertisers’ websites.

Forepreneur is not responsible for any kind of damages that occurred as a result of the Affiliate’s participation in the affiliate program.

Forepreneur reserves the right to verify the order of using Forepreneur’s resources by the Affiliate at any time.

Affiliate shall not use Forepreneur to perform actions contrary to the laws of the United Kingdom

Forepreneur serves the right to terminate the Agreement unilaterally without payment of Affiliate’s profit in case of the violation of the terms of this agreement.

Forepreneur is entitled to use the Affiliate’s statistical data for analysis and publications without agreement with the Affiliate at its discretion and additional rewards.

The Affiliate  is not allowed to create additional accounts (hereinafter multi-accounts) without the consent of Forepreneur’s representatives and in case Forepreneur’s representatives have suspended the Affiliate ‘s work. Detected, created multi-accounts will be banned without making payments, if they are not coordinated by Forepreneur’s representatives.

  1. Obligations of the Affiliate

 Affiliates shall conscientiously fulfill all the conditions of this Agreement.

 Affiliate agrees to provide accurate information when registering in Forepreneur (create the account).

 Affiliate undertakes to use Forepreneur, observing the intellectual and legal rights to any data and resources hosted on Affiliate sites/resources/ads.

 Affiliates shall promptly notify Forepreneur of changing personal and other data for 5 (five) working days from the date of the change. Otherwise, Forepreneur will not be liable for any losses or other consequences associated with the late submission of reliable information. After changing the payment details in the Personal Account, the Affiliate is obliged to notify Forepreneur within 1 (one) calendar day by sending a letter through the Ticket System in the Personal Account.

The affiliate site/resource/ad may not use or contain content and/or links to other sites containing information libelous, defamatory, obscene and/or violate the right to privacy, rights of third parties, intellectual property rights, and/or the content of which contrary to the current legislation of the United Kingdom

 Federation or otherwise violates the law, including international law.

 Affiliate is restricted to use fraud, incentivized traffic or other technologies that affect the statistics and Affiliate’s reward unless otherwise specifically agreed in Forepreneur offer of advertiser. In case of the use of these types of traffic, the Affiliate can be disabled from Forepreneur without rewarding.

 Affiliate is restricted to use promotional materials to attract users on Affiliate sites, contrary to the current legislation of the United Kingdom, or violate the rules of international law.

 Affiliates shall prohibit any dishonest or illegal actions of their members related to the use of Forepreneur.

 Affiliates shall have the right at the beginning of the month to request the payment of compensation for the unpaid period in the past when there were events for the payments.

  1. Entry into force, duration, and termination of the Agreement

This Agreement shall enter into force after completion of the registration procedure on the Partner Program website and is of indefinite duration. The contract will be valid in case of a change of personal and (or) other Affiliate data.

This Agreement may be terminated unilaterally by either of the parties. Party, which initiates termination of the Agreement is obliged to notify the opposite side of it’s actions via email, listed on the Website in advance.

Forepreneur undertakes to pay the partnership Compensation, if all of the payment details are there in the dashboard and there are no controversial issues, upon the termination of the Agreement by the Affiliate.

If the termination of the Agreement is initiated by Forepreneur for violating one or more of the requirements of participation in Forepreneur, a partnership Compensation can not be paid.

Forepreneur has the right to terminate the Agreement without explanation unilaterally. In this case, the reward earned without violating the terms of this Agreement is paid to the Affiliate.

  1. Financial aspects

Payment of reward and other financial payments between the parties to this Agreement are carried out in the manner specified in the Personal Account. In the absence of billing information, the reward is not paid.

The reward is calculated in accordance with the tariff policy of Forepreneur on selected advertiser’s offers at the Affiliate Dashboard.

The basis for the payment of reward is the personal affiliate statistics at the Personal Affiliate’s account.

The reward shall be paid to the payment details specified in the Personal Affiliate’s account. Forepreneur is not a tax agent in the payment of compensation.

If the Affiliate of Forepreneur is a person, the calculation and payment of tax is held by the taxpayer (Affiliate) on the basis of the tax declaration submitted to the tax authority at the end of the tax period in accordance with the Tax Code of the United Kingdom.

The reward is paid subject to the successful passing of test limits for each selected offer from Advertisers. If the test limit is not reached or the traffic is not accepted by the Advertiser, a reward is not paid or paid in part depending on the situation.

Affiliates have the right to receive a reward under the referral program in the amount established by Forepreneur. Referral program reward is not paid in case of detection of multi-accounts and for other accounts created and/or used by the same Affiliate.

Contacts for communication:

Forepreneur has the following Non-Acceptable Business rules for Affiliates:

  • Where there are known or perceived links to terrorist organisations, military, arms and/or ammunition manufacture or sales;
  • Where there is knowledge or suspicion of money laundering or terrorist financing;
  • Where it is known or there are reasonable grounds for suspicion that a criminal offence has taken place;
  • Where the Affiliate or any of the Affiliates associated parties are subject to any sanctions measures;
  • Where the Affiliate is undertaking an activity or trade within, from or into a country where that activity is subject to embargo and/or trade control restrictions;
  • Producers/Affiliates of racist/pornographic/pressure group material or extreme political propaganda;
  • Regulated entities that do not have the appropriate licensing;
  • Political organisations.

Affiliate must not use any tool and/or inventory and/or campaign preferences available for him through Forepreneur for and/or in any way that suggests and/or results to any misleading and/or fraudulent activity.  Affiliate understands and agrees that such tools and/or inventories and/or campaign preferences are only provided to the Affiliate in good faith and that Forepreneur is not responsible and must not bear any responsibility whatsoever in relation to their use at any time.


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