9 Tips About SMALL BUSINESS STARTUPS You Wish You Knew Before


June 13, 2022

Starting something up means creating a new thing out of something that’s already existing. A lot of startups begin at the smallest level before becoming a huge deal later on.

Starting up a business is an exciting experience. it however entails proper financial and strategic planning. Profit-making is the sole purpose of starting a business.


FEASIBILITY STUDY :Having thoughts to start up a business, the first thing to do is to conduct a feasibility study. It’s a way to gather information about potential customers and businesses already operating in your line of interest. If you will be having an office or store, this is the time to scan the area and do a mini research about what people view about the business you want to start up

BUSINESS PLAN: Also, a well detailed business plan is essential. A business plan is a dynamic document that serves as a guide for establishing a new business. Potential investors and financial institutions find it easier to understand what they are putting in for and what the returns/yields would be. Potential problems are spot on by the intending business owner and readjustments can be made before things go south.

FUNDING is also a very important factor to consider. Having a well detailed business plan will help figure out how much you need to start up. It would help you realize if you can fund it yourself, take up a loan, find investors or crowdfund.

LOCATION: this is also an integral part of starting a business. A good location is needed to help sell whatever product you have. Which is why conducting a feasibility study is important. You can’t just be in a location that you can’t get customers as to what you are doing. For instance, if a building project is going on around an area, it can be a good location for you if you sell building materials

BUSINESS NAME: picking a name that represents what your business is about and ensuring it is not in use by another business. For fashion and food businesses, names like ‘couture’, ‘clothing’s’, ‘apparel’ and ‘foodcity’, ‘foodies’, ‘delicacy’ and co exhibits already what you do. Choosing a name outside your business representation may confuse potential customers.

Get familiar with your competition: earlier stated business that are doing what you are intending may already exist. You need to get familiar and see how you can outshine them and be better. Everyone wants something better. You need to fill the vacuum they aren’t filling and break the ice.

Registering your business is next up. Get a legalized documentation for your business. This not only gives your customers peace of mind when dealing with you, it also gives you a proper backup.

marketing your business. Every business must have a way of communicating to customers and potential customers what they do through billboards, television adverts, handbill, social media and lots more. Find the one you think is best and fast and cost effective to market your business.

Have a separate account for your business. This is for discipline and also to be accountable for every penny.

In summary, starting a business is easy, interesting and fun if you are passionate about what you want to do, conduct a feasibility study, have a well detailed business plan and have the required funds to start up amongst others.

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